EBEA Erice School 2016

Dear members,

We are happy to announce that the Lectures and the Photos of the VIII COURSE of the International School of Bioelectromagnetics “Alessandro Chiabrera”: Electromagnetic Fields and the Nervous System: Biological Effects, Biophysical Mechanisms, Methods, and Medical Applications, organized with COST Action BM1 309, 11-16 April, 2016, Erice, Italy are now on line!

Find here the final program,  the slide of the Lectures [196  MB], some Photos of the Lectures [53 MB] of the Touristic Tour [6,42 MB] and the short CVsSpeakers.

Directors of the Course:  Vincenzo di Lazzaro (Campus Bio-Medico University, Rome, Italy) and Bernard Veyret (IMS-CNRS, Bordeaux, France).

Director of the School:  Ferdinando Bersani