About EBEA


EBEA is a non-profit scientific association, founded in December 1989 by scientists from different European countries.

Our basic objectives are:

  • Promote the development of Bioelectromagnetics in Europe
  • Encourage the exchange of methodology and results in Bioelectromagnetics, and to facilitate the collaboration between European scientists specialised in the various disciplines, and between European scientists and scientists in the rest of the world
  • Provide reliable information on the advances in this new area of science
  • Inform about possible health risks of exposure to electromagnetic sources in the working, domestic or general environments

Our Main Activities:

  • Organization of Scientific Congresses
  • Organization of the Annual Joint Meeting of the European BioElectromagnetics Association and Bioelectromagnetics Society
  • Co-organisation of the Erice European Bioelectromagnetics School, in Erice, Italy, since 2004. Director: Prof. Ferdinando Bersani. website: www.ccsem.infn.it

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 EBEA Council

  • Micaela Liberti – President – Italy
  • Luc Martens – past-President – Belgium
  • Niels Kuster – Treasurer – Switzerland
  • Isabelle Lagroye – Secretary – France
  • Maxim Zhadobov – Eng/Phys Council Member – France
  • Philippe Lévêque – Eng/Phys Council Member – France
  • Antonio Sarolic – Eng/Phys Council Member – Croatia
  • Martin Röösli – Bio/Med Council Member – Switzerland
  • Florence Poulletier de Gannes – Bio/Med Council Member – France
  • Anke Huss – Bio/Med Council Member – Switzerland
  • Wout Joseph – At Large Council Member – Belgium
  • Caterina Merla – At Large Council Member – Italy
  • Olga Zeni – At Large Council Member – Italy



  • New Members Committee:  Isabelle Lagroye (chair, Executive secretary), Micaela Liberti (President)
  • Nominating Committee:  Micaela Liberti (chair, President), Isabelle Lagroye (Executive secretary), Antonio Sarolic, Olga Zeni
  • Joint BioEM Meeting Committee: Micaela Liberti (chair, President), Luc Martens (Past-President), Niels Kuster (Treasurer), Olga Zeni, Martin Röösli
  • Website Committee: Maxim Zhadobov (chair), Philippe Lévêque
  • Student Awards Committee:  Florence Poulletier de Gannes (chair), Wout Joseph, Anke Huss
  • Committee for Evaluation of the Meetings Quality: Caterina Merla (chair), Maxim Zhadobov, Luc Martens (Past-president)
  • Merging Committee: Luc Martens (chair, past-President), Micaela Liberti (President), Niels Kuster (Treasurer), Isabelle Lagroye (Executive secretary)
  • Erice school Committee: Micaela Liberti (Chair, President), Luc Martens (past-President), Maxim Zhadobov, Isabelle Lagroye (Executive secretary)
  • Chiabrera Award committee: Micaela Liberti (chair, President), Niels Kuster (Treasurer), Luc Martens (past-President), plus the last three awardees