Consider becoming an EBEA member, a wise investment in the growth of your own future as Scientist in Bioelectromagnetics!

Reasons to join EBEA:

  • People: Build your scientific network
  • Information: Keep current with cutting-edge researches, events and conferences in Bioelectromagnetics
  • Learning: Expand your continuing education
  • Savings:  Receive conference & journal discounts

To join EBEA you need to register to our EBEA member platform.

EBEA is now joined with BEMS and the new society is called BioEM, please refer to the official BioEM website for more informations.

You will be asked to give the following information:

  • your name
  • a short curriculum vitae
  • a short list of your main publications
  • kind of membership (i.e. student, full member, etc.)

You will receive an acknowledge of your request within 24 hours, and in the following days a confirmation of acceptance.

!!! Important: please don’t provide any payment until you have received a message officially confirming you have been accepted as a member of EBEA !!!

EBEA Type of Membership

Full Member

Person who is active in the field of bioeletromagnetics or allied areas as demonstrated by independent, original research or by other activities which have significantly fostered the development of the field is qualified to be Full Members. The rigths and privileges of Full Members include voting, holding office and subscribing to Society publications at a reduced rate.

Associate Member

Persons who have an interest in bioeletromagnetics or allied fields but whose professional activities are in other areas are qualified to be Associate Members. Associate Members have all the privileges of Full Members except that they may not vote or be elected in the Council.

Student Member

Pre-doctoral students at degree-granting institutions are eligible to apply for Student Membership.  Upon the award of a Ph.D., Sc.D., M.D. or equivalent degree, Student Membership shall be terminated. Student Members have all the privileges of Full Members except that they may not vote or be elected in the Coucil.

Emeritus Member

An Emeritus Member fulfils the requirements for a Full Member, but has become Emeritus or retired at its own institution. An Emeritus Member has all the rights and privileges of a Full Member. The Council must approve each appointment to Emeritus Membership. To be eligible for  Emeritus Membership, an individual must be a Full Member for at least one year.

Sustaining Member

A person or corporation may be elected a Sustaining Member by the Council as a result of demonstrated and substantial acts benefiting the Society or its purpose. Only in the case of a person qualified as a Full Member may a Sustaining Member vote or be elected in the Council.

Joint EBEA/BEMS Membership

Joint membership with the Bioelectromagnetics Society  BEMS can be requested through the online form.

EBEA dues:

  • Full or Associate membership – 60 €
  • Joint EBEA-BEMS Full or Associate membership –  100 € *
  • Student or Emeritus member –  15 €**
  • Student or Emeritus Joint EBEA-BEMS –  25.5 €
  • Sustaining member –  800 € ***

* For new BEMS members, please submit separately membership application to BEMS

** Retired scientists are invited to apply for Emeritus status

*** Sustaining organisations are granted the Journal as complimentary and reduced rates for 5 people at EBEA meetings