NEW! Final Announcement: VII course of the Erice school

The VII course of the Erice school, entitled Biological effects of combined exposures to EMF and other chemical and physical agents will be held on April 23-29 2014.

Director of the school: Prof. Ferdinando Bersani;
Directors of the Course: Dr. Mats-Olof Mattsson, Dr. Maria Rosaria Scarfí.

For more information, download the FINAL announcement.

Now online! Bioelectromagnetics Volume 35 Issue #4 (May 2014)

It is a pleasure to announce that Bioelectromagnetics, Volume 35, Issue #4 (May 2014) is NOW Online here. Read the announcement on

BIOEM 2014 in Cape Town

bioem2014 capetown

The BioEM2014 Local Organizing Committee, The Bioelectromagnetics Society (BEMS) and the European BioElectromagnetics Association (EBEA), welcome you to Cape Town, South Africa, for the Annual Joint Meeting of our two societies from 8 to 13 June 2014.

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Next BIOEM conferences

EBEA & BEMS announce future BioEM joint meeting sites.

  • June 2014: Cape Town, South Africa
  • June 2015: Asilomar, Northern California, USA


EBEA is a non-profit scientific association, founded in December 1989 by scientists from different European countries.whose basic objectives are:

(1) Promote the development of Bioelectromagnetics in Europe

(2) Encourage the exchange of methodology and results in Bioelectromagnetics, and to facilitate the collaboration between European scientists specialised in the various disciplines, and between European scientists and scientists in the rest of the world;

(3) Provide reliable information on the advances in this new area of science;

(4) Inform about possible health risks of exposure to electromagnetic sources in the working, domestic or general environments.

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Bioelectromagnetics (Impact Factor, 2.759) covers the entire spectrum of nonionizing radiation research and is essential reading for biological scientists, engineers, medical doctors, physicists, and public health specialists in academia, government, and industry.


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This area contains a list of links to official websites that may be of some interest to those dealing with issues related to bioelectromagnetism for further investigations or in order to find partners interested in joining research projects.

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